November 25, 2016   Chapres

The Second Year law student visited ST Michael’s Girls Secondary School in an endeavour to inspire the female students to pursue a career in Law.  Chrispin Mndala dispelled misconceptions that students in secondary schools have on the prerequisite subjects one needs to take for one to study Law. He informed the ladies that it is not true that one needs to take History and Bible Knowledge to enrol for a law programme. He encouraged them to do their best in MSCE to get selected to any of the accredited Colleges after which can one apply for a Law programme if they achieve an average of 65% in their first year at college. In addition, postgraduate students can also apply for the programme. The second presenter was Patience Manda who advised the students to properly manage their time while Vitumbiko Mbizi presented on self-confidence and self-esteem. Rose Naija encouraged the ladies to pursue a career in law since it gives one power and opens door to many opportunities. The faculty of law at Chancellor College has the lowest enrolment of female students; in second year there are only seven females against thirty six males. It is even worse in third and fourth years where the figures are even lower than in second year. Last year management developed a policy that sought to increase the enrolment of female students. In addition it has embarked on efforts to encourage females to consider a career in law by conducting seminars and visits to the law faculty by first year students. These efforts have since helped in increasing the number of female students enrolling for the programme.

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