November 10, 2016   Chapres

On 4 November, 2016, the third year law class visited ST Monica Girls Secondary School in Mangochi. The class was accompanied by Mr Kaphuka, a law Lecturer. Girls at the secondary school were inspired by presentations made by members of the third year law class. Miss Lozindaba Mbvundula presented on the topic of self-awareness and encouraged the girls to reflect on who they are and the inner strength they each hold. She informed them that they need not copy anyone else acts but focus on developing approaches that best work for them. This message was echoed by Miss Tionge penama who challenged the girls that if she could make it to the University at her age so could they no matter what obstacles lay in their path. Other presenters were Miss Grase Wasiri and Mr Mwayi Banda who talked on the topic of overcoming gender challenges and the need for one to strive to achieve ones set goal respectively. Mwayi Banda informed the girls that the faculty of law had made a deliberate policy so as entrance to the faculty should as much as possible be gender balanced. This, he said, has opened doors for them to pursue their dreams without fear of gender based challenges hindering their goals. The teachers at the school thanked the students for taking their time to visit the school. They reminded the students that despite the fact that not all of them presented, their mere presence was enough to encourage the girls. Members of the class were impressed with the presentations made and confessed that as much as they knew that they were going to inspire the secondary school girls, little had they known that that they would end up being inspired by the personal stories shared by their fellow classmates to the girls. They all were filled with a sense of satisfaction with the trip and its outcome. They expressed their desire for the faculty of law to organize more of these class events in the future as it is a good development.

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