November 25, 2016   Chapres

The third year law class participated in a moot court exercise as part of an assessment in customary law course delivered by Prof. Kamchedzera. The Supreme Court Judge, Justice Chikopa and Her Ladyship Justice Ntaba of the High Court sat as judges in the moot.  The moot revolved around a review of a Supreme Court case of Chakumba v District Commissioner of Lilongwe and others which dealt with issues of chieftaincy. Of kin interest was the debate of whether customary law has been elevated to be at par to the common law and if it has, what is the proper rule governing the burden of proof? This presented students with an opportunity to appear before competent judges who would in turn evaluate their performance which opportunity is not available when one starts practicing the law. The judges pointed out common mistakes done by the students which most repeat when admitted to the bar. For example, the judges discouraged students from reading word for word to the judge materials they had submitted to the court such as affidavits. In addition, the judges discouraged the habit of throwing numerous arguments to the judge in the hope that he/she selects the best winning argument for you. They advised that one needs to select their best arguments and deliver it in a manner that is clear and concise. At the end of the event, students thanked the professor for organizing such an enriched class discussion that brought to light their weaknesses and strength which has enabled them to polish thei

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